4S Car Shop Lighting


By hqt

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The 4S car shop is an important place for customers to see and test drive cars, and a good test drive experience in a 4S shop will directly lead to orders. The various types of cars on display are high-end consumer goods, so it is particularly important that the 4S shop creates the best space for customers to experience and display their cars!

At car shows, the main attraction is the car models and all kinds of cars, so in a 4S shop without models, the interior decoration and lighting design is very important to create an elegant, simple, stylish and atmospheric showroom experience for the customer through lighting, so that the customer has a better experience in all aspects.

The three forms of general lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting are used in a rational way.

1. General lighting should create a certain style and avoid a sense of blandness;

2. Accent lighting should highlight automotive goods. High luminosity to express the material and gloss, strong, directional light to highlight the three-dimensional sense and surface texture contours;

3. Decorative lighting expresses the state of the exhibition, creating the best atmosphere for customers and maintaining the unity of the interior design.

General Lighting

Basic lighting is based on artificial lighting, adding appropriate light to illuminate the car showroom and meet the basic needs of the visual. The lighting here is designed primarily for the overall sensory aspect of the space and is not involved in shaping the lines and textures of the vehicles.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is the most intuitive way to shape the texture and flow of the vehicle, and is the most important part of the lighting design, because in addition to price and performance factors, the visual experience of the vehicle is the main reason to guide consumers to choose to buy.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting, also known as atmospheric lighting in automotive shops, is mainly through some colour and dynamic changes, as well as intelligent lighting control systems, etc. In the case of basic lighting, some lighting is added to decorate the environment, such as LOGO walls, LED light strips, etc. to add atmosphere. Decorative lighting can produce a variety of effects and atmospheres, complementing the overall space and display vehicles, giving people a different visual enjoyment.

Mixed Lighting

A combination of two or more lighting methods (depending on the scene and set), here it is recommended to install an aluminium button panel ceiling with modelling and install track spotlights to illuminate the smooth mirror-like charm of the car sports car with diffuse lighting, and the elaborate design of the ceiling modelling to perfectly express the contours of the car lines.

Cars as very important transportation in our light. More and more people trend to own a private car. Thus, in car showrooms, light played a key important. Light with good CRI and right color temperature make the car looking more metal feeling, fashion and luxury to promote customers’ buying appealing.

For car showrooms our company shenzhen Powerstar Technology not only have basic general lighting, accent lighting and decoration lighting products solution, also have one special color 5700K with CRI 95. It is very suitable for 4S car shop.


Through the matching of different lights, the overall space feels large and bright at first glance. The floor is paved with a light grey non-reflective material, with all the reflective points concentrated on the car, and the wall top is enhanced with spotlights and indirect lighting to shape the space, making the whole look atmospheric and clean.

Combining different lights to make the overall space look bright and spacious, the top of the booth is illuminated with diffused light to give the sports car the charm it should have with its smooth mirror surface, then add track spotlights to fill in the light, and the underside of the sports car is illuminated with a bright circular circle of light by the diffused headlights above, allowing the first view to stay on the car, with a strong sense of design and the use of light in place, with clear priorities.