Museum and Art Gallery Projects


By Powerstar

The ongoing management of collections, research, and exhibition are the bedrock activities of museums, galleries, and private collections in the present-day. High-quality LED lighting has made it possible to provide lighting for each of these spheres. This lighting is both visually pleasing and conserves art. The possibilities for lighting in museums and galleries go beyond the display of art. We will show you how light can be used to transform exhibition spaces into cultural brands, from the sculpture garden and shop to the cafe and shop.

Powerstar helps curators, designers and building owners to find holistic lighting solutions. When defining lighting strategies, arranging luminaires, or specifying details for individual luminaires, we take into consideration the conservation aspects of an art collection, as well as the design goals of architects and engineers. Powerstar is a way to illuminate museums and galleries

  • A flexible configuration of light for prompting, perception-orientated displays of artworks.
  • Excellent colour rendering LED light for maximum conservation requirements.
  • For stunning art experiences, precise and interchangeable light distributions are required.

The lighting function is a theoretical model that allows galleries and museums to adapt to a wide range of architectural and curatorial situations. It can also be used to integrate lighting solutions and scale them according to the needs.

Support for the construction process starting at the beginning

Powerstar offers complete support, from specific lighting to abstract concepts. Our lighting consultants provide extensive support in the analysis and management of projects, including long-term planning and cost savings. Our many years of experience in lighting galleries and museums range from the illumination of exhibits to the perception.

Providing lighting solution in a perception-orientated way

Powerstar assists in the identification of lighting tasks and explains how qualitative lighting design can benefit from design-related, technical, and economic perspectives. Exhibition designers see light as a tool to tell their stories. LED spectrums with low damage also allow for art to be displayed in a conservation-friendly manner.

Planning lighting tools efficiently

Powerstar offers high levels of design safety, reliable implementation and high quality technical information. Powerstar assists lighting designers in the selection of the luminaire and the technology aspects.