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High Lumen" refers to the brightness of an LED light. "Track" refers to the type of lighting fixture. High Lumen LED Track Lights are designed to provide bright, focused light in a specific area. A high-lumen LED track light is used to illuminate a specific area. These lights are usually used in track lighting systems, which provide light in areas where traditional light sources cannot be used. Led track linear lights and track panel lights are used as general lighting to supplement the accent lighting of led track lighting.

This light uses an LED to produce a high-lumen output, making it perfect for use in track lighting applications. This light is also very efficient, using less energy than traditional track lights. The higher the lumen rating, the brighter the light. track lights are designed to provide focused light to a specific area. They are often used in retail stores, art galleries, and other places where it is important to highlight specific items.




  1. It is perfect for task lighting, accent lighting, or general lighting in a roo 
  2. High-lumen LED track lights are that they emit a significantly brighter light than traditional incandescent bulbs. 
  3. LED track lights are available in a variety of lumen ratings, but the highest lumen output is typically found in models that are labeled as "high lumen.
  4. These lights are available in a variety of styles and finishes to match your décor.
  5. These lights are designed to provide more light output than standard track lights, making them ideal for use in high-ceilinged rooms or for general lighting purposes.




High-lumen led track light is a great lighting option for both commercial and residential applications. With a wide range of light output options, it can provide the perfect amount of light for any application. . Led track lighting is very popular in the retail industry because it provides a bright, even light that is perfect for showing off merchandise.

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What is meant by a LED track linear?

  • LED track linear lighting is a type of lighting that employs LED lights arranged in a linear pattern. This type of lighting is often used in commercial and residential settings due to its great efficiency and capability to provide a lot of light.
  • LEDs are semiconductors that convert electrical energy into visible light. It uses LEDs as a source of illumination. This kind of lighting is becoming increasingly popular due to its many advantages over traditional lighting sources.

What is the purpose of tracking linear lighting?

There are several uses for track linear lighting, which may be utilized both indoors and outside. It is a flexible form of lighting that may be utilized to emphasize certain spaces or objects, set the mood, or give broad illumination. To fit any décor, it is offered in various designs and finishes.

  • Outdoor application:

 Due to its robustness, resistance to the elements, and lengthy lifespan, track linear lighting is ideal for outdoor use. Additionally, it is simple to install and maintain and produces steady light.

  • Indoor application:

Designed primarily for indoor track and field facilities, indoor LED track linear lighting is a form of lighting used indoors. Although it has only been available for a short while, this relatively new kind of lighting has already overtaken other options to become the standard in many indoor track and field facilities.

The characteristics of LED track linear:

  • In recent years, LED linear track lighting has gained appeal as a method of supplying concentrated illumination in retail and commercial settings and in-home and professional settings.
  • It lasts longer, has better light quality, and uses less energy. Additionally, it is more versatile and offers more design options. Additionally, this track’s linear lighting is stronger and more long-lasting than standard lighting.
  • It offers numerous advantages over standard lighting techniques.
  • High-lumen LED track lights provide the light that is noticeably brighter than that produced by conventional incandescent bulbs.
  • There are many different lumen ratings for LED track lights. However, those marked as “high lumen” often have the maximum output.

The tangible benefits of LED track linear lighting:

Another fantastic method for adding general lighting to a space is LED track linear lighting. Learn about the advantages of these lights now.

  • A higher standard of illumination:

Without the shadowing that can occur with other forms of lighting, track linear lighting delivers a uniform dispersion of light.

  • Greater adaptability:

Your lighting design may be made more flexible by using track linear lighting. This kind of lighting works effectively in areas that require enough illumination but also see a lot of activity.

Accent, task, and general ambient lighting are just a few of the many lighting effects that may be produced with these systems.

  • Greater effectiveness:

Your lighting system may be made more effective by using track linear lighting. You may enhance the quantity of light that reaches your target area using track linear lighting while decreasing the energy needed to run the system.


It is ideal for any use requiring a lot of light, including residential, business, and retail spaces. This type of lighting is gaining popularity since it is more effective and lasts longer than conventional lighting. Our bulbs last up to 25 times longer and consume less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs. To fit the requirements of every area, POWERSTAR LED track linear lighting fixtures are offered in a range of sizes and combinations. Purchase your linear track lighting from us right away!


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