Custom LED lighting manufacturing solutions for OEMs, Retailers, Brands and Manufacturers

- Leave it to the experts.

Our experienced team of engiheers, project managers and assembly technicians will design and manufactre lamps with uaranteed quality details and our sales consultants will support and collaborate with you throughout the process.

We have the ability to provide our customers with flexibility and manufacturing that is difficult for other companies to compare.

This means we can design and prototype in weeks (not months), then quickly move into production to bring your vision to life.

Agents from South Korea



I love this product, it's totally what I am looking for, very good quality. And you guys are very professional, service is good.

Agents from California



These led modules are so lovely, high quality, and with all kinds of fixtures for option, adapt to many lighting demands from our end customers, nice design! I believe it will help me to win more projects!

Agents from Switzerland



This track spot saves a lot of shipping cost for me, and the fast delivery, it's totally designed for project base, I love it, perfect for shop lighting.

The Many Benefits Of LED Lighting

LED lighting brings several advantages to lighting applications including energy savings, robustness, reduced maintenance and an overall reduction in the cost of ownership when compared with more traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs.

Energy Efficiency

LEDs can use less power to generate more light, and have a lifespan 30 times longer than incandescent lamps. The lighting is also more stable and very resistant to low temperatures.

Protect Environment

Acoustically silent operation. No mercury or other toxiccontents. The radiation generated by infrared rays isalso low, and it will not produce any damage to the displayed goods.

Build Quality

Compact size for design and installation flexibility. lnfinitely controllable and dimmable: Allowing for accurate, appropriate lighting effects, energy avings and compensation for lumen depreciation.

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