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By hqt

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Now more and more museums, art galleries realize the importance of lighting, in addition to many museums in the building, interior and exhibition part, the biggest piece of investment is lighting. But architects still know very little about what kind of light is needed inside museums, let alone the lighting design. This leads to the neglect of the correct guidance of light in the design of space and form, which makes museums and art galleries have a lot of inconvenience in use. This inconvenience is often addressed by a lighting designer.

With the continuous progress of China’s economic and cultural construction, people have higher and higher requirements for culture and art. Visiting museums has become an important part of people’s cultural life, so the use of lighting in museum exhibition design is particularly important. On the one hand, appropriate lighting can bring better exhibition experience to visitors, and on the other hand, appropriate lighting is also of great significance for the protection of exhibits. The application of intelligent lighting system can better protect exhibits, give visitors a better exhibition experience, and also effectively save electricity.

There are three ways of lighting in the museum: natural lighting, artificial lighting and the combination of natural artificial lighting. Among them, intelligent lighting belongs to artificial lighting form. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people’s demand for culture and art, the basic display of museum and temporary exhibition lighting design how to better display exhibits, protection exhibits have put forward higher requirements, especially some special exhibits have more personalized lighting design needs. Museum exhibition design should not only create a good exhibition environment for the audience, but also ensure a good light environment, ensure the illumination of exhibits, reduce the damage of optical radiation to exhibits. General lighting system can no longer meet the diversified development of museum exhibition design for light source requirements, intelligent lighting to meet the emergence of museum exhibition design for light requirements

As a total lighting solution provider, VKS Lighting has collaborated with many well-known architects to complete a large number of museum lighting design projects, including Shoubo New Building, Today Art Museum, Ullens Art Center, Zhejiang Art Museum, Jiangsu Art Museum, national Museum of China, etc. In these projects, Zhongtai not only carries out lighting design, but also participates in the implementation and management of the whole project to achieve the final “light result”.