Shopping Mall & Fashion Shops Solutions


By hqt

Shopping mall is indoor lighting area, all people will got there for shhopping. As professional commercial manufacturer, we must provide suitable and perfect lighting solutions for our clients. We finally hope can help shop manager to catch buyer eyes by our light. In clothes shops, light is a decisive factor in helping customers browse, choose, buy and afterwards, remember fondly the shopping experience. They may not be able to explain what it was that enchanted them, but we know: it’s the light. Because in retail, the way you showcase items, the visual part of the experience, is one of the most important things.

For Powerstar special color has a very high color rendering index (95) which makes it suitable to render the true texture and shade of every piece of fabric. It also has zero UV emissions, a huge advantage in the fashion business, since the lack of UV rays prevents discoloration and fading.

Recommended color temperature & CRI for fashion:

Colorful clothes 3000K with CRI 90;

Simple-color clothes 3500K with CRI 90;

Sports clothes 4000k with CR I90.