Supermarket intelligent lighting system


By Powerstar

Powerstar supermarket intelligent lighting system are of high quality and offer energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and a long lifespan.

We provide lighting solutions that are cost-effective and tailored to your industry: retail stores, parking lots, supermarkets, shops, etc. Our high-quality lighting solutions increase productivity and safety, improve comfort and sales and bring energy efficiency to new levels.

Lighting can have a significant impact on sales

Shopping malls are becoming more and more entertainment hubs. Customers expect to be able to relax, enjoy a cup of coffee or a meal in a mall restaurant, and find the shops they want.

Malls use light as a decorative feature, to stand out from the crowd and to create an image. Mall thoroughfares tend to be slightly darker so that shop windows are more visible and the atmosphere of the mall is maintained. Lighting that is intelligently designed can change the purchasing behavior and inspire impulse purchases.

Lighting is becoming more important in the presentation of stores. It is aimed at various target groups. Every item must be sold so all barriers to sales need to be removed. Sales are not prevented by poor lighting, but they can be easily reduced. The shelves in shops require more lighting than the aisles. Therefore, shop design should be focused on lighting vertical surfaces. The lighting of vertical surfaces can be dramatically improved by selecting the correct optics.

The car park is another very important part of malls. The car park must have enough lighting. It must be well lit at the entrances, crosswalks and in the public areas.

Supermarket Smart lights

Smart features are key to controlling the lighting. Shop fronts may use softer lighting if it’s dark outside. On brighter days, a less stark contrast between the outside and the inside will encourage potential customers to enter. Smart lighting can also have a significant impact on commerce. Many shops use features like logarithmic regulation to increase the lighting as a customer enters a space between shelves or sales areas. This results in better customer experiences and increased product visibility.

The most energy-efficient way to save money is by keeping the maintenance costs down and optimising lighting. Smart lighting can provide the correct amount of light for stock replenishment or cleaning. Lighting can be adjusted to match the exterior and weather conditions. Sensors are used to improve the rate of utilisation and study the behaviour of customers. Smart systems communicate maintenance requirements and monitor energy consumption.

CommercialsmartLEDlighting is a long-lasting, hassle-free solution to lighting all areas of a store. Lighting control allows for a reduction in power consumption, which reduces electrical load and extends the service life and lifespan of devices.

The IoT data that is obtained through the lighting network in the future will allow for a reduction of general costs, an improvement in the lifecycle prediction information, and a modification to the amount and type of maintenance information.

Powerstar offers efficient lighting solutions that promote sales in malls and specialist shops

Smart lighting will make your business worry free every year. Cost Savings. The importance of lighting in shopping is obvious: Food, clothes, eyeglasses and cars are more likely to sell when they’re lit properly. Smart lighting solutions can be used to monitor the movements of customers and then adjust the light output according to where they are going and what products the store wishes highlight.E-mail: